Project 1

Lighting at Eastern University of Sri Lanka (EUSL) - Auditorium and Hostel Building

The goal of the lighting at the Faculty of Science's EUSL Auditorium and Hostel Building is to become a national centre for superior teaching and research. We are pleased to announce that we have lit up at Eastern University.

We provided downlights, LED panels, batten fittings, and a variety of other light fixtures.

We worked together with International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd, and other professionals to make sure everything went smoothly and had a great chance of coming to another amazing end. This is now reflected in the use of cutting-edge technology.

Project 2

Lighting in the Faculty of Computing and Technology at the University of Kelaniya

The contractor Maga Constructions and International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd worked together to design and develop the university's buildings and infrastructure under joint venture concepts. We furnish illumination for the two contractors. 

Throughout the process, there was a power outage in our nation. It was somewhat difficult to find the correct product to solve the client's problem, however  we succeeded to do so at an acceptable price.

We supplied emergency power units, LED panels, downlights, batten fittings, and other lighting fixtures, lamps, luminaires, and control equipment from Decolight and Philips.